How to Deal With Social Media During Your Honeymoon

Reading your Facebook newsfeed, posting a few pics to Instagram, and sending out a couple of tweets is a daily occurrence for most young people. But when it comes to your honeymoon, do you really want your memories to be primarily about how you were attached to your laptop or iPhone the entire time? Probably not.

I’m definitely not suggesting that going cold-social-media-turkey is the way to go during your honeymoon. In fact, social media can improve your honeymoon experience. There’s a fine line between using social media to your benefit without overdoing it and forgetting that you and your new spouse are on one of the most incredible vacations of your lifetimes. Thus, the following is my list of Honeymoon Social Media: Do’s and Don’ts:

DO use your down-time to untag unflattering photos from your wedding on Facebook. I’m not suggesting that YOU didn’t look fabulous, but I am suggesting that your friends’ smartphone photography skills are most likely pretty sucky. You don’t really want the world to think your wedding was a fuzzy insta-filtered mess, do you?

DON’T over-brag (example: OMG this is the most AMAAAAAAZING trip at the most EXPENSIVE resort ever with the hottest hubby in the WHOLE WORLD!!!! #lovehim #bigpimpin #spendincheese + 10 photos of you frolicking in your swimsuits). Yes, your friends and family are (probably) very glad that you’re happily married and enjoying your honeymoon, but they’re most likely sitting at their desks at work while they read your Facebook newsfeed. Don’t push it.

DO reach out to friends to ask for travel recommendations, especially if you didn’t get the chance to do so before you left on your trip. Feel free to ask people you know who’ve been to the destination before about what restaurants and activities they really liked. (If you still need a hotel rec at this point though, you may not have planned enough. Yikes.)

DON’T over-post. Even if you’re doing it in a humble way, you don’t have to share every interesting thing that happens to you* or gorgeous tropical sunset as it happens. Wait until you can properly edit and aggregate all of the best photos and post them as an album instead.

DO let your friends and family know that you’re safe if you experience a natural disaster, you’re in a politically unstable region, or even if you’re just traveling around a lot. Especially if your honeymoon destination is in the media for negative reasons, everyone is going to be pretty worried about you. Just a quick status update of “We’re doing fine in ____!” will put them at ease.**


* If something really REALLY cool happens during your honeymoon, by all means SHARE! For example, if my best friend waited an entire week before she told me that she saw Jay-Z and Beyonce during their honeymoon in Costa Rica, I would’ve been shocked!

** We experienced a sizable earthquake during our trip to Panama last year. Worried that my mom would read about it in the news and freak out that we were so close by, I emailed her right away to let her know we were fine. Her response? “Glad you’re safe. [Your sister] had a bigger one in Sacramento last week.” I didn’t realize it was a competition, but whatever.

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