About Me

When I started law school back in 2006, my classmates and I had to introduce ourselves and tell each other what our dream career would be if we weren’t going into law.  I said, “Hi, I’m Ilana and in an alternate life I’d love to be a travel writer.”

Despite my day job in the legal field, my passion has always been to travel and talk about my adventures.  I’ve visited 40+ countries so far, and I’m always planning my next big trip.  (Next up: France!) But because I’ve always identified so strongly as a traveler, I felt like the pressure was majorly on when I was planning my honeymoon.  My then-fiancé/now-husband and I had some ideas of where we wanted to go, but we needed guidance beyond what our Lonely Planet books and generic travel websites provided.  Sure, I could find cheap airfare for ourselves on kayak.com, but really, where should we go?  I decided then that once the wedding hoopla died down I needed to start a honeymoon travel blog to help other overwhelmed couples plan their honeymoons with confidence.

Boutique Hoi An Resort 2012, Hoi An, Vietnam

When I’m not traveling or planning other friends’ honeymoons, I’m most likely either at a concert or a taqueria in San Francisco with my husband Aaron and dog Ginger.

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