Pre-Honeymoon Running Playlist

By no means would I consider myself anything even close to a fitness expert, but boy do I have opinions when it comes to running and workout playlists (and yes, there’s a difference). For plain old workouts and weight training, I like putting on the Robyn’s Pandora station or just playing Kanye’s All of the Lights on repeat. But for running music, it almost always needs to be either:

  1. loud punk rock
  2. hip hop that tells me to shake my ass, or
  3. pure guilty pleasure pop music

So if you’re looking for some good running music* to get you into honeymoon shape, here’s a playlist of my favorite running songs:


* “Good running music” is totally subjective, and is not the same thing as “good music.” There’s a whole lot of bad music on my running playlist (e.g. multiple Ke$ha songs), but sometimes it’s so bad, it’s good.

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