8 Days in Morroco: Final Days in Marrakech

So after wandering the desert for forty years, I mean, four days, our driver dropped us off at El Fenn in Marrakech. To say I was thrilled to walk through those doors is a gigantic understatement, as it was my 30th birthday and I had a good dose of Moroccan food poisoning the night before and still felt pretty wretched. I had high expectations for the hotel and was a bit nervous that I’d be setting myself up for disappointment, but our experience at El Fenn was absolutely wonderful and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to stay in the medina for a few days.

30th Birthday Girl / Food Poisoning Survivor


Spa pool


Rooftop pool

IMG_1717     IMG_1570

Grass on the rooftop

Sights and sounds of the nearby Koutoubia Mosque

IMG_1712     IMG_1562


Our wonderful room

With three pools, full spa and hammam services, a fully-stocked bar, and absolutely gorgeous grounds, it felt as if we’d checked into heaven, the perfect place to spend the last two nights of our trip. Our own photos of El Fenn don’t do it justice, but you can check out the hotel’s Instagram feed to get a better idea of how beautiful it is. (You can also search the photos of the folks who’ve tagged El Fenn as their location to see how beautiful the guests are, too!)

There are many ultra-fancy hotels outside the medina in Marrakech, but we loved that El Fenn was in the middle of the action yet still completely calm and relaxing. The wonderful staff was so helpful and genuine, and everyone there always greeted us with a smile. The food at the hotel was also very delicious, although I didn’t have much of an appetite during our two-night stay. However, we did every much appreciate the daily tea-time pastries and complimentary drinks.

The hotel was also full of beautiful art that made wandering around the property even more interesting. (“El Fenn” means “art” in Arabic, and “hip/cool” in local slang. Very appropo!)

IMG_1598 IMG_2508IMG_1559IMG_1577

When we weren’t fawning over our hotel, we did manage to get out to do a bit more sightseeing. We spent one morning checking out the boutiques in Gueliz and the beautiful Jardin Majorelle that had once belonged to Yves Saint Laurent. There’s a nice YSL memorial inside the gardens as well. While it was definitely one of my favorite tourist attractions in Marrakech, it’s best to visit first thing in the morning as it gets very hot and crowded mid-day.

IMG_1657 IMG_1652 IMG_1637 IMG_1628

On our last morning in Marrakech, we did one last lap around the souks to buy some souvenirs for our niece and nephew, and I couldn’t resist one final Moroccan jus d’orange. So delicious!

Au revoir, Marrakech!

Au revoir, Marrakech!

If you haven’t done so already, make sure to check out my other two posts about Morocco: first impressions of Marrakech and our four-day desert tour. Overall we had a great time traveling around Morocco, and I’d definitely recommend it to adventurous travelers looking for something completely different from home. We hope to go back one day to also experience Fez, Chefchaouen, Taghazout in particular, but if we find ourselves lost again in Marrakech, we’re making a beeline to El Fenn.

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