Where to Stay During Your Honeymoon in Italy

I’m excited to share a new series of posts about where real honeymooners have enjoyed staying in some of the most popular destinations.  First up, Italy!

honeymoon in italy

As mentioned in my first anniversary post, Italy was the most popular honeymoon destination on the blog last year.  I’ve aggregated the notes from all of those honeymoons and compiled the following list of hotel recommendations.*

For couples who have never been to Italy before, visiting Rome and/or Florence is a must.  The history, art, food, and architecture are unparalleled.  Below are some of the hotels that real honeymooners enjoyed staying in last year.



As amazing as Rome and Florence are though, you’ll probably want to get out of the big cities at some point to relax along the coast or to (literally) drink in the beauty of wine country.  Luckily the train system within Italy is convenient and efficient, so you can easily check out multiple regions within the country.  Below are some of the other cities that real honeymooners recommended, and the hotels that they liked best.




I hope the hotel recs lead you in the right direction for planning your perfect Italian honeymoon.  Buon Viaggio!


* The recommendations came from contributors to the Real Honeymoon posts on this blog, and are in no way affiliated with the hotels themselves.

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