Is There Such a Thing as Too Many Flights on a Honeymoon?

What’s the greatest amount of flights that you’d be willing to take on your honeymoon?  Some people love the idea of a multi-moon with several destinations, while others would just prefer to take off and land as few times as possible.  The more flights you take, the more often you risk flight delays, lost luggage, and other travel frustrations, but, of course, the plus side is that you also get to see more cool places, too.

So, is it possible to take too many flights on a honeymoon?  My friend Ben certainly doesn’t think so, but as with most things that are honeymoon-related, it all just boils down to personal preferences.  Ben and his fiancée Yoninah have been planning their honeymoon for nearly a year now, and in honor of their upcoming wedding on Sunday I want to share a sneak peak of the incredible (and ambitious!) trip that they are about to go on.

It may be a bit difficult to see on the map below, but if you click on it you’ll be able to view the details of their TWELVE-FLIGHT ITINERARY!  Yep, we’re talking twelve flights, five foreign countries, and one seriously badass honeymoon.

Ben has promised to write a Real Honeymoon post about their trip once they get back (right, Ben?), so hopefully there will be more details to come.  Mazel tov in advance, and happy travels!

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