Quick Tip(s) #7: How to Handle Your Money When Traveling Abroad

One of the last things you’ll want to worry about during your honeymoon is whether you’re handling your money properly.  Follow these quick tips to make sure that you get the most bang for your buck when traveling abroad:

Cash money

Mo money, no problems

1) As I mentioned in a previous post, make sure that you tell your credit card company in advance that you’ll be traveling abroad!

2) Don’t bother with travelers checks – you may have a hard time finding people who’ll accept them, and the exchange rate isn’t always the best.

3) When possible, use credit cards that don’t charge foreign transaction fees.

4) Bring more than one credit card with you (and don’t keep them in the same place) just in case you need a back-up.

5) What’s the best way to obtain foreign currency?  Withdraw from an ATM once you arrive in that country.  However, please remember to check whether you need to pay for a visa upon arrival, and if so, what currency they’ll accept.  (We had to pay our Indonesian visa fees in cash upon arrival in Bali, but luckily they accepted American dollars.)

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