Do You Need To Buy Souvenirs During Your Honeymoon?

It really just depends on whether you like souvenir shopping or not.  If you love it, then go for it!  Shot glasses and magnets for everyone!  But if you aren’t a huge fan of bringing tchotchkes home from all of your trips, you don’t need to feel obligated to do so on your honeymoon.

Souvenir Shop in Granada

Souvenir Shop in Granada, Spain

If you’re still on the fence about souvenirs, here are a couple of things to consider:

1. Are any of your family members or friends going out of their way for you back home?

A token of gratitude will most likely be appreciated if you’ve asked anyone (or if you’ve accepted someone’s offer) to do any of the following for you:

– watch your dog/cat/goldfish/etc.

– water your plants

– pick up your mail (even though you should just sign up for hold mail service!)

– house-sit

– drive you to/from the airport

2. Is your honeymoon destination known for a cool product?

This is my nice way of saying, “don’t just buy someone foreign crap.”  If you’re going to buy someone a souvenir, try to find something that’s popular in, or unique to, your honeymoon destination.  For example, if you’re honeymooning in Italy, it’s a good idea to bring home high quality olive oil or something made of Murano glass.  If you ‘re honeymooning in Hawaii you can always bring back macadamia nuts or Kona coffee.  You get the picture.

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