Real Honeymoon: Italy

That’s right, two weeks of new Real Honeymoon posts in a row! This week’s post comes from Caroline and Jeff who honeymooned in Italy earlier this summer. It’s no wonder that Italy is the most popular honeymoon destination on this blog — it has something for everyone! Whether you want your honeymoon to be all about great food and wine, sightseeing, shopping, or just soaking up some sun, you can do it all in Italy. Read all about Caroline and Jeff’s amazing trip below:

When and where did you honeymoon?

We went to Italy from June 30-July 17 [2015]. We flew non-stop from Los Angeles to Rome and spent our first few days there. Then we took a train to Florence, where we also did a day trip to Tuscany to visit some wineries. From Florence, we traveled to Venice, where we took a day trip to the Murano and Burano islands. From Venice, we travelled to Bologna. After Bologna, we spent 5 days and nights in Positano, which included a day trip to Capri. We then returned to Rome for another day and night before flying home.

italy honeymoon

italy honeymoon

How long was your trip?

2.5 weeks

italy honeymoon

How did you decide on your honeymoon destination(s)?

Neither of us had ever been to Italy and wanted to experience something new together so we picked Italy! Plus, there is so much history there and we wanted to see it all in person.

italy honeymoon

The best part about our honeymoon was…

Relaxing with my new hubby, eating and drinking our way through Italy, and not having to think about wedding planning or work for almost 3 weeks! We also received some proofs of our wedding photos while on the trip and it was so much fun reliving our wedding day while sharing a bottle of delicious wine.

italy honeymoon

If I knew then what I know now, I’d change…

Absolutely nothing!

italy honeymoon

How much planning did you do in advance?

I am very much your typical Virgo – slightly OCD and a serious planner who has to know where we will be staying each night, what activities we’ll be doing, and where we will be eating. Jeff is the complete opposite. So we compromised and we only booked our roundtrip flights and our hotels for the beginning of the honeymoon (Rome) and the end (Positano). Because I am me, I still made notes about each city, JUST IN CASE we were going there, so I would know about some of the can’t-miss items in each place. :) Everything worked out perfectly and I have to admit, it was pretty exhilarating not knowing the entire itinerary from the get-go!

italy honeymoon

What was your biggest honeymoon splurge?

I can’t really think any specific thing we splurged on, but we definitely treated ourselves to some yummy meals throughout the honeymoon!

italy honeymoon

Our favorite restaurants:
#1: I Portici (Bologna)
#2: Restaurant Li Galli (In the Villa Franca Hotel in Positano)
#3: Baccano (Roma) we went here twice!!Where do you want to go on your next big trip?

We’ll be going to Sweden, Denmark, and Amsterdam in December!

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