Real Honeymoon: Bali

We’re back this week with a very awesome honeymoon in Bali! Jeanne and Kevin were lucky enough to get invited to a destination wedding in Bali earlier this year, so they decided to piggyback their honeymoon onto that. Instead of staying at a resort, a friend recommended that they rent a villa instead which they loved. (I wish I had thought of that for my own honeymoon)! Read all about their amazing trip and helpful Bali recommendations below:

When and where did you honeymoon? 

Bali, May 2014.

bali honeymoon

How long was your trip? 

Two weeks.

bali honeymoon

How did you decide on your honeymoon destination? 

One of my husband’s best friends was getting married in Bali and my husband was a groomsman, so we decided to go to the wedding and turn the rest of the time into our honeymoon!

Bali honeymoon

The best part about our honeymoon was…

The absolute natural beauty of Bali. It’s really incredible; very tropical with amazing wild life. Monkeys everywhere!  The beaches are so different depending on where you go. Some are filled with coral and some are just white sand and clear water.  But no matter what, it’s stunning!


If I knew then what I know now, I’d change…

I don’t think I would change anything about our trip, but it is a very LONG trip to get to Bali. It was a total of 32 hours of travel to get there and a few more hours to get back. It’s exhausting, and I probably should have gotten a prescription sleep-aid to help with the time difference!


How much planning did you do in advance? 

We did a LOT of planning but had the help of my husband’s friend who has vacationed a lot in Bali as they live in Singapore. Most of the research that we did was on where to stay, but the great part about Bali is that once you get there, it is pretty inexpensive. There are several large resorts on the main island, but we chose to stay in a private “villa,” which is just a fancy name for someone’s house that they rent out.

There are tons of options if you go the villa route; you can rent enormous ones for a big group to stay, or do what we did and rented a private 2 bedroom villa for ourselves. We stayed in the villa for eight nights on the main island.

The villa was great! It was mostly open-air except for the bedroom that had A/C. We had a private pool, cook, driver, and maid… all for a little over $100 USD/night!  So if you want to cut costs on a Bali vacation, where you stay really has a lot to do with it. If you stay at a resort, the cost per night is just like the average US hotel room, and it was just more private and romantic for us in the Villa.

We did a ton of stuff while on the main Island of Bali. Aside from the wedding, of course, we did a lot of sightseeing and was able to hit a few beach clubs at the recommendation of Kevin’s friend.


Here is a list of a few places we went to including restaurants:

  • We stayed at Villa Lumba in Seminyak, owned by a really nice couple.
  • We visited Pura Luhur Uluwatu temple– known for the monkeys and the amazing sunset!
  • Finn’s Beach Club– this was an AMAZING beach club, by far one of my favorite parts about this vacation- cannot beat this!
  • PotatoHead Beach Club– another amazing beach club!
  • Wedding was at Villa Phalosa– absolutely incredible villa, blew me away and a PERFECT spot for a wedding…most amazing wedding I’ve ever been to
  • Naughty Nuri’s– very casual restaurant in Seminyak, known for meat! we went here the first night we were in Bali and visited with the bride/groom and the rest of their close friends- pretty good!
  • Villa Kaira– this was the villa that most of the family of the bride and groom stayed at, very very beautiful and perfect for a group to rent together.
  • Vue Beach Club at LV8 Resort– we hung out here the day after the wedding and had food and used the pool area, gorgeous! only 5.00 to use the pool and food was inexpensive! incredible view of the ocean.

After eight days in Bali we moved over to the Gili Islands, and that was also incredible. The islands are just a two hour boat ride away from the main island, and they don’t have any motorized vehicles on them.  Just to give you an idea of the islands’ size, we rode bikes around an entire island in a little over an hour…and we did not ride fast.

We stayed at a very small one-story hotel. The rooms were small but right on the beach! Everyone on the island was SO NICE. It’s a popular vacation spot for Australians and the local people would speak English with an Australian accent and used a lot of popular phrases to make you feel at home ….“hey mate” “whats up dude” …it was cute and did make you feel welcome.  Luckily most people on the island spoke enough English to get by so it wasn’t difficult communicating.

On the island we would sit at the beach or ride our bikes around. We’d stop off at different resorts around the island and use the pools and get a drink at the pool bars, that was so great because they didn’t require you to stay at the resort to use the pool or bars or restaurants…so again, this was a really great way to do Bali, inexpensive but still could enjoy the resorts or the beach! it was amazing.

bali honeymoon villa

What was your biggest honeymoon splurge?

We didn’t actually buy a lot of things while we were there, just small keepsakes and a few small pieces of jewelry. We considered the vacation itself quite a splurge and once you are there it’s all about relaxing and sightseeing!


Where do you want to go on your next big trip?

My husband’s mother is from Italy, and he has been there many times but I’ve never been. I’ve also never even been to Europe so I’m excited to plan our next vacation to Italy soon!

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