Bachelor/Bachelorette Party Etiquette: Do’s and Don’ts

If you’re reading a blog about honeymoons, chances are pretty high that you’re of the age of attending many bachelor/bachelorette parties a year. Bach parties have somehow evolved from one big night out on the town to full-blown long-weekend vacations, and they can be a whole lot of fun so long as everyone in the group acts appropriately. Just coming back from a really great bachelorette party in Austin myself, I thought it would be fitting to write a blog post about the Do’s and Don’ts of bach parties.

Bach parties

Bachelorettes Gone Wild! Just kidding – these are pics of my dearest friends, and they are all very classy ladies.

– If you RSVP yes to a bach party, DO show up. The person planning the shindig will calculate costs based on the overall number of people attending, and when someone bails at the last minute it makes everything a lot more expensive for all of the other guests.

– If you see a bach party out and about, DON’T yell at them: “Don’t do it! Marriage is the worst!” It’s not funny or cute, and the joke gets old fast.

– Before you attend a bach party, DO expect to spend more money than you think you will. Last minute expenses (i.e. other guests bailing after they RSVP yes) are absolutely bound to happen, so it’s a good idea to set expectations accordingly in advance. If you’re worried about the high cost of a bach party, let the organizer know ahead of time, or it’s really okay to just sit it out. The bride/groom should not hold it against you for not being able to attend a wedding-related event for financial reasons. (If they do, then you probably don’t want to go to their bach party in the first place.)

DON’T be the sourpuss who’s too cool for the rest of the party. If the whole group is wearing bright pink sunglasses, suck it up, smile, and wear bright pink sunglasses. You’ll forget how ridiculous you look in no time.

DO ask the party organizer what you can bring or do to help. Planning a bach party can be overwhelming, and extra help is usually very much appreciated.

DON’T be cliquish. There’s a very good chance you won’t know everyone at a bach party ahead of time, so break the ice and introduce yourself to the unfamiliar faces as soon as possible.

DO pack responsibly. Sure you can borrow stuff from friends, but don’t solely rely on them to bring all of the clothes and toiletries that you’ll need for the entire weekend.

DON’T call or text your significant other throughout the entire bach party. He/she will survive a weekend without you, I promise.

DO use good judgment before posting those “fun” pics to social media. I don’t think I need to explain why.

– Good friends DON’T let the bride/groom do anything she/he will really regret.

The most important thing is that the bride or groom has a good time, so just be considerate, have a great attitude, and be ready to roll with the punches. Wouldn’t you want your friends to do the same for you?

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