Real Honeymoon: Antigua

There haven’t been too many Caribbean honeymoons on the blog yet, so I’m really excited to share this really great one from Antigua! Stephanie and Matt knew they needed to escape this winter’s polar vortex by honeymooning in a warm and beachy location, but Stephanie left it up to Matt to decide the exact destination. Read all about how he surprised her with an amazing honeymoon in Antigua:

When and where did you honeymoon?

We stayed at the Galley Bay Resort in Antigua.  We got married on 12-27-13 and traveled from January 2-January 11th, 2014.

antigua honeymoon

How long was your trip?

8 amazing days!

antigua honeymoon

How did you decide on your honeymoon destination(s)?

I loved every minute of planning our wedding, but with all the little details that goes on with a wedding, I asked my fiance if he would be interested in planning the honeymoon for us.  He was more than happy, and really took time to do his research on resorts and locations.  I gave him my top three that I was interested in… St. Lucia, Hawaii, and Antigua.  At first, it was going to be a surprise, and I’d find out at the airport where we were going.  But… I couldn’t wait, and wanted to do more research on possibly “trashing the dress” photos too.  One afternoon he put the resort on the screen of his computer and then flipped it around.  I was so so excited!  I think once we were about a month away, I was visiting the Galley Bay website daily filled with anticipation!

antigua honeymoon

The best part about our honeymoon was…

Oh my goodness everything…!  Matt and I wanted a relaxing vacation filled with sun, reading, food and drinks.  The food at Galley Bay was so gourmet and delicious.  I’d have to say overall though, our daily visit to the deck to sit in an adirondack chairs, sip on an island cocktail, and look out into the ocean, was probably my favorite part of the trip.  The food is a super close second!  I highly recommend taking the sunset cruise by Captain Sean too.  We did this our last day/night at Galley Bay and it was beautiful.  It was fun seeing the island from a different perspective.

antigua honeymoon

If I knew then what I know now, I’d change…

Bringing bug spray!  I wore a lot of dresses and skirts, and by the end of the trip, I had quite a few bug bites.  Definitely pack some of this and carry it with you throughout the day/night.  Other than that, just adding more days to the trip too would have been a great change!

antigua honeymoon

How much planning did you do in advance?

Matt did all of it!  He called various travel websites, and looked online at the top honeymoon resorts and locations.  He went above and beyond anything I could have ever imagined.  I looked into different places to visit on the island too, but we were such beach bums, we didn’t want to leave the resort.  We were so pleased with our location, and beyond grateful we got the opportunity to take such a beautiful vacation!

antigua honeymoon

What was your biggest honeymoon splurge?

We did a couples massage one day, but the honeymoon itself was a big splurge with all the wedding planning. We wanted a vacation we wouldn’t forget.  Our resort was all inclusive, which I highly recommend for a honeymoon vacation.

antigua honeymoon

Where do you want to go on your next big trip?

We talked a lot about this once we got home!  We have the itch now to travel as much as we can.  We both LOVE tropical weather.  We heard Aruba has some of the most beautiful beaches.  I’m thinking this will be our next trip!  Europe is a place we’d love to go too, but I’d like to do more fun in the sun vacations before we travel there!

I had to put the MSU hat at the end of the blog post. Go Blue!

Sorry, Stephanie, but I had to put the MSU hat at the end of the blog post. Go Blue!

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