Real Mini-moon: Sedona

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a Real Mini-moon post, so I was extra excited when my friends CK and Allison told me that they were going on a mini-moon in Sedona.  Read all about their amazing pet-friendly getaway below:

When and where did you mini-moon?

We traveled to Sedona, Arizona for our minimoon October 14-17th [2013]. After getting married in Scottsdale, we wanted to take a little getaway after our wedding since we are not going on our actual honeymoon until middle of November. Sedona is a popular tourist town known for its red rock formations, outdoor activities, and beautiful fall weather.


sedona pup

How long was your trip?

We stayed for three nights. We initially were only going to stay for two, but we are definitely glad we stayed for three. We have both been to Sedona a few times before and have explored most of the things to do there, so this was more of a relaxing trip. For someone’s first time, I would definitely recommend a minimum of three nights, but four to five nights would probably be best.


sedona hiking

How did you decide on your mini-moon destination?

Sedona is great because it is only about an hour and a half drive from Phoenix. You also get a welcome change in temperature and we were able to see the start of some fall colors. One or two weeks later would have been perfect to view the fall leaves. We knew that Sedona would be the perfect escape as a nice resort town; it is quiet, has great restaurants, and plenty of hiking opportunities.


We chose to stay at the Amara Resort and Spa. The Amara resort was wonderful. Perfect location, located right off main street/uptown Sedona where all of the shops and restaurants are and is also located right on the beautiful Oak Creek. Another main reason is that it is pet friendly – we couldn’t leave our pet behind knowing we would be going on multiple hikes, she would not be happy with us. It is part of the Kimpton line of hotels which I have learned are all pet friendly. We opened our room to a welcome sign for our dog Molly, a nice dog bed and food/water bowls setup. (They also had champagne and strawberries for us).



We had a courtyard suite, which I definitely recommend. Well worth it for the better view of the courtyard, pool and creek. The salt water pool that has a negative edge overlooking the creek was also a nice place to relax and enjoy the view. Oh, and don’t forget the free wine tasting every evening, that was a plus! Lastly, the famous L’Auberge de Sedona resort is located right next door. This place is amazing, you are able to walk right over, they basically share the same grounds. They have adorable little cottages and an amazing restaurant, queue the next question…

The best part about our mini-moon was…

Dining creekside at L’Auberge Restaurant. We had made reservations to make sure that we were seated right along the creek. We made sure to show up early just so we could get the best table right on the edge of the water. The view and ambiance is just spectacular. The food was amazing, a four course meal. One of the best meals we’ve both had.

Sedona Fall

If I knew then what I know now, I’d change…

The only thing we would change/recommend is going maybe one or two weeks later to see more of the leaves changing color. We were limited on our time off and wanted a getaway right after wedding. Otherwise, it was perfect and we wouldn’t change anything.


How much planning did you do in advance?

The main thing was researching where to stay. Our previous visits to Sedona were always day trips, so wanted to find the right place to stay. I do recommend spending extra for a nicer resort if you can. Sedona is a popular tourist town and can get pricey, especially with October being their busiest month. It was well worth it to be at a resort that was located on the creek, had great service and was right off of the main street so everything was walkable. Recommendations for others planning a trip to Sedona include taking a jeep tour, visiting L’Auberge Resort and the Enchantment Resort (if you cannot afford to stay there…), and there are plenty of beautiful hikes including Boynton Canyon and West Fork.

Sedona Pool

What was your biggest mini-moon splurge?

Our biggest splurge was dining at L’Auberge and our couple’s massage spa package. Both were well worth it!


Where do you want to go on your next big trip?

Our next big trip is our real honeymoon, we will be going to Belize and we cannot wait!

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