Our Travel-Crazy October

I’m sorry for being a bit behind on blogging recently, but this month has been totally crazy with travel.  Aaron and I went out of town the last four weekends in a row, and we have one more wedding to travel to before things slow down for us.


This is what October looked like

Not that I’m complaining though — the last four weekends have been great!  First we took Aaron’s parents to Big Sur and stayed at one of my favorite resorts of all time: Carmel Valley Ranch.  We could not have asked for a more beautiful weekend to show the Minnesotans around Monterey Bay.

Next we went to Portland so Aaron could run the marathon.  Here’s a tip: if you want us to visit you, get a puppy like our friends Sarah and Nick did just a few days before we arrived.  We loved everything about Portland, and having a brand new puppy join us on our adventures was definitely the cherry on top.

The following weekend we went to Scottsdale for our friends’ wedding.  US Airways canceled our flight about 12 hours before we were supposed to leave, so we had to take a later flight and unfortunately didn’t have a lot of free time before the wedding.  However, the wedding was great and we had such a good time celebrating with the new Mr. and Mrs. Kaplan!

And last weekend we spent my birthday in one of the greatest towns of all: Ann Arbor, Michigan.  While Michigan may not be on the top of everyone’s favorite vacation destinations lists, I absolutely love visiting my alma mater, especially when the leaves change color in October.  A little rain on game day didn’t dampen our spirits, and staying in this amazing rental house with 23 friends was so much fun.

What’s next for us?  Soon we’re heading to Texas for another wedding that is sure to be a great time, so we’re pretty excited for that.  But once we get back from that trip, we’re planning on staying away from SFO for awhile; well, at least until the holidays.

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