Quick Tip #10: Buy Bug Spray and Itch Cream AT Your Destination

Nothing kills a romantic mood quite like itchy bug bites, so if you’re going to a tropical destination for your honeymoon and mosquitos tend to love you, my biggest advice is to not waste money on bringing insect repellent and bug bite cream from home – just buy them from a pharmacy as soon as you get to your destination.

bug sprays

Sorry, Benadryl. You just don’t cut it.

For one thing, the stores at your destination should (emphasis on should) carry repellents that are most effective for their local insects.  And I don’t know if it’s just a placebo-effect for me or just some extra-toxic chemicals banned by the FDA, but the creams I get at pharmacies abroad always soothe my bug bites so much better than anything I buy at CVS, so I’ve decided to stop bringing stuff from home altogether.

Sure, it might be a bit more expensive to buy repellent and creams when you’re abroad, but being free of itchy red bumps is priceless.

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