Quick Tip #9: Learn to Drive a Stick Shift

Since wedding planning is totally easy and stress-free, you probably have tons of spare time to pick up some new hobbies and learn some new skills, right?  If you’re looking for something to do, I highly recommend learning how to drive a stick shift, especially if you plan on renting a car in a foreign country during your honeymoon.

Stick Shift

Why is it so important to learn to drive a stick shift?  Because renting an automatic transmission car in a foreign country is waaay more expensive than renting a manual transmission car.

How much more expensive?  Well, my husband and I need to rent a car in Ireland this summer, so I’ve been looking at a couple different websites, and the average economy-sized automatic transmission car is more than two times more expensive than the same size car with a manual transmission!

Unfortunately, neither my husband nor I know how to drive a stick shift, and since we live in hilly San Francisco where no one we know even has a manual transmission car for us to practice with, I’m pretty sure we won’t learn how to before June.  It looks like we’ll just have to pay the premium to rent an automatic transmission car.  Lucky us!

One thought on “Quick Tip #9: Learn to Drive a Stick Shift

  1. Dang, I’d be happy to teach you guys if we knew someone with a manual that wasn’t afraid to have their clutch take a beating. I used to try and teach all my friends, I taught Kristen last time we were home in the midwest!

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