Should Your Bring Your Wedding Rings On Your Honeymoon?

After receiving a new piece of jewelry, most women can’t wait to show it off.  The same is especially true when it comes to engagement rings and wedding bands.  So if your honeymoon begins shortly after your wedding, you may be extra tempted to bring the new jewelry along… but is that the smartest idea?

wedding rings

There’s no absolute right or wrong answer here, and I think it mostly depends on the type of honeymoon you’re going on and what your rings are like, but here are the things I’d consider before making your decision:

1) Are your rings insured?  If not, leave them at home.  I repeat, leave them at home.  Get those bad boys insured A.S.A.P.

2) How flashy are your rings?  If you have an enormous diamond, you’ve probably noticed how much attention it gets, but is that the sort of attention you’ll want while traveling?

3) What are you planning on doing during your honeymoon?  If your itinerary is something along the lines of “swim, surf, massage, and repeat,” you’ll need to take your rings off a lot anyway, so why risk bringing them in the first place?  I personally know at least two guys who lost their brand new wedding bands during their honeymoons, and I can’t shake the memory of a guy frantically swimming around in the ocean looking for his wedding ring during my trip to Hawaii last year.  Let’s just say he did not look happy.  Large bodies of water + expensive jewelry = usually not a great outcome.

4) Where are you honeymooning?  If you’re going somewhere that has a reputation for street crime* (e.g. Rio de Janeiro, Barcelona, Rome), you may want to be extra mindful about what jewelry you choose to wear.  And if you’re going to a more religious or conservative destination, some tourists feel that they are treated differently when locals perceive that they are an unmarried couple.**  In that case, you may want to wear rings, but that doesn’t mean  you have to bring the real deal.  Lots of people wear fake wedding bands while traveling and leave the expensive stuff at home.

5) How sentimental is your jewelry?  Sure, everyone’s wedding rings have sentimental value, but if your rings are irreplaceable family heirlooms passed down from generation to generation and you’d be absolutely devastated if you lost them… then yeah, think about that.

6) How “used to your jewelry” are you?  I ask this question for two different reasons.  First of all, your rings may not fit as well as you thought they did when you picked them up from the jeweler.  And secondly, lots of men are not used to wearing rings at all, so when all of the sudden they have a new wedding band on their ring finger, they tend to fidget… a lot.  And, you’ve probably already guessed where I’m going with this, fidgeting leads to lost rings.

So what did my husband and I choose to do?  We went totally ringless.  No one questioned whether we were “real honeymooners” or not, our rings were not lost at the bottom of the ocean, and I didn’t have to be paranoid about the cleaning staff breaking into the safes in our hotel rooms, so I’m happy with the decision we made.  And don’t worry, you’ll have PLENTY of time to take cheesy Instagram photos of your new rings once you get home.

Cheesy rings

Not us.


* Just because a city has a reputation for street crime does not mean I wouldn’t recommend it as a honeymoon destination.  I think Rio de Janeiro, Barcelona, and Rome are all great cities for honeymooners, but the reality is that crime does exist there so you just need to be a little more on guard, that’s all.

** I’ve (fortunately) never experienced this sort of treatment firsthand, but I’ve heard lots of stories about couples being treated poorly when locals assume that they’re “traveling in sin.”

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