Non-Literary Honeymoon Entertainment Ideas

When I was working on my recent blog post on honeymoon reading recommendations, a couple of friends pointed out that they had no desire to sit around and read books all day.  Aside from entertaining yourselves in the most obvious way (*wink*), they had the following suggestions for honeymoon entertainment:

ipad in bed

Bring Don Draper along on your honeymoon, too!

1) Catch up on TV shows and movies

As much as I love The Wire and The Sopranos, I personally wouldn’t have wanted to spend my honeymoon watching violent dramas.  Just like with my book recommendations, I think it’s best to keep things light.  During my own honeymoon my husband and I watched the first two seasons of Happy Endings and plenty of our other favorite comedies like 30 Rock, Community, and Parks and Rec.

2) Play games

Are you the type of couple who loves card or board games?  If so, bring them along!  One friend told me she and her husband brought along Uno, Travel Scrabble, and Travel Sorry on their honeymoon.

3) Work on thank you notes

Since my mom had a weird superstition about us opening our wedding presents before the actual wedding*, we didn’t have any thank you notes to write before we left on our honeymoon.  And even if we did, I don’t think I would have wanted to do them during our vacation.  However, a lot of people do like to do them on their flights to a) have something to do, and b) get them out of the way.

4) Un-tag those awful Facebook photos from your wedding

There’s a reason why professional wedding photographers can charge so much for their services: they know how to take truly beautiful photos.  Those photos that everyone took of you with their iPhones paparazzi-style as you walked down the aisle?  Not so much.

If you’re looking for something to do during a lull in your honeymoon, considering un-tagging all of those awful blurry and crooked iPhone photos that people posted on Facebook after your wedding.  Wow your friends and family with the real deal once you get your photos back from the professional photographer.  It’s well worth the wait.


*Is this even a real superstition, or was my mom just being a weirdo?

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