Quick Tip #6: Make Reservations Under Your Maiden Name

If you’re:

a) planning on changing your last name, and

b) going on your honeymoon less than 4 months after your wedding,


boarding pass

The name change process is time-consuming and complicated, and you can’t fly anywhere under your married name unless you have the proper documentation.  First you need to get your marriage license, then you need to change social security, then you’ll have to get a new drivers license/passport, etc… it basically takes forever.  I know you’re probably all giddy about being Mr. and Mrs. So-and-so, but just do yourself a favor and use your maiden name.

As for hotel recommendations, some say that hotels will discriminate against couples if they think you’re you’re unmarried.  Personally, I “traveled in sin” for years and have never experienced anything like that.

My suggestion?  Play it safe, and make the hotel reservations under your maiden name so your the name on your passport matches.  Then, as I mentioned in my first Quick Tip, make sure that the hotel knows you’re honeymooning.  You never know if they’ll upgrade your room or send up some free champagne.

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